5 Ideal Occasions for a Personalized Photo Postage Stamp

Personalized Photo Postage StampIt used to be that you had to be a historical figure to get your face on a U.S. postage stamp. Not so anymore — for a small fee, you can add photos you’ve taken to useable stamps. You can make your correspondence memorable and buy photo postage stamps online. The following five occasions can become more memorable — and you can communicate your message more effectively — with photo postage.


Even in the age of digital correspondence, printed wedding invites are still sent through the mail. If anything, they’re more important than ever as they’re one of the rare occasions people make a point to send out a formal invite. Plus, the people receiving the invitations already know about the wedding by the time they receive the invites. The point of the wedding invitation is to make a formal announcement, one that people can scrapbook and frame.

Accentuate the occasion by adding a photo stamp to each announcement. Choose from your engagement photos or a candid shot of you and your fiancé. Alternatively, you can shoot something related to the wedding. For example, if it’s a destination wedding, use a photo of the scenery. You could also use a photo of something related to a wedding, such as a bridal veil or your engagement rings.


The birth of a new child is another occasion where people still send out paper announcements in the hopes everyone will keep the announcements to chronicle the memory. Include a photo of the new baby on the photo stamp. If you’d prefer to keep the baby’s face a surprise, zoom in on the baby’s foot or hand, with your hand or finger wrapped around theirs. Alternatively, take a photo of something related to the baby, like a crib or monogrammed baby blanket.


Celebrate a high school, college or graduate school — or even an elementary or middle school —graduation with formal announcements through the mail. Include a photo of the graduate on the stamp, preferably in their graduation gown as sometimes those photos are taken a month or so before graduation. You can also use professional portrait shots taken for their senior year or something more symbolic, like a picture of a cap or tassel. You can choose a photo relevant to the graduate’s major for a more esoteric option.


Once you’ve moved, friends, family, clients and colleagues need to know where they can reach you. Send out moving announcements that include your new address and any other relevant information about the move, such as why you moved or what you like about your new home. A photo stamp can help communicate the message. Take a picture of the outside of your new home or a favorite room inside the new home. Another option is to include the message “we/I’ve moved” in your photo. Spell it out with flowers on a table or simply take a picture of a banner hanging in your new home.


Whether you operate an online business out of your home or you have a small-business location and a number of employees, photo stamps are effective tools for promotion. Put your logo on the stamp or use a photo specifically tied to a new product or service promotion — anything that will make people notice and open the envelope. Mailings to put a photo stamp include:

  • Promotional mailings for the opening of your business, a new product or service or an announcement
  • Billings
  • Professional correspondence with clients

Photo stamps can make even the envelopes of important memories scrapbook-ready for you, your guests, customers, friends and family. Photo stamps are a chance for you to make an impression with your photography skills; you can use them on more than just first-class stamps, too. Stamps for up to one-pound mailings can include photos. If you use a professional photographer’s photo, get their permission and avoid simply taking a photo from the Internet not taken for you or by you.

About the Author: Lia Johnsen is a contributing writer who focuses on arts-and-crafts topics. As a former wedding planner, she’s counseled dozens of couples on how to make their special events memorable.