How To Beat The Autumn Chill

English: the forests in new hampshire in autumn

As summer departs and autumn starts to creep in, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Dusk comes earlier and we spend more time huddled in our living rooms, watching television or reading. In a bid to keep the summer with us just a little bit longer – or maybe to warmly embrace the chill of winter – we put away the fans and pull out the throws and fireside accessories that keep us snug til spring.

Get The Fire Going!

A roaring fire or the gentle warmth of a hearth burner, both ideal to warm up those creeping autumn nights, however whichever you choose, you need some items to keep the fires burning! Matches are good, but gas lighters are better – no more burnt fingertips whilst you wait for the kindling or fire lighters to catch. Rechargeable and ideal for everything from candles to gas fires, this is the modern twist on the flaming torch!

Keep The Flames Fed

Once you’ve got the fire going, you need to keep it in. Hopefully, you’ll have found a good source of wood, which you can store by the fireside in a basket, along with coal in a traditional scuttle or bucket. Don’t forget to protect yourself and your furnishings from the fire spitting with a fireplace spark guard. You will also find a set of fireside tools useful – these normally comprise a shovel and brush for cleaning the grate out, along with tongs and a poker for helping to stoke the fire.

Snuggle Up Warm

If you’re still feeling the chill, grab a throw and snuggle up under it. The introduction of fleece has revolutionised soft furnishings, and throws in particular. Once the preserve of bulky knitted blankets, fleece is soft and warm, and comes in a multitude of patterns and designs. It washes well and dries quickly, making it the perfect hard wearing fabric for homes. It is also versatile, and can be used as a both a throw to protect or transform a sofa, and a cover for a sofa bed.

Remind yourself of the summer with a bright vintage floral design, which looks chic in the bedroom too, and can double as a picnic blanket. Or choose an on trend Nordic pattern in two tone, to lose yourself in Scandinavian style whilst you wait for winter. Bright animal prints make an unusual contrast for a funky modern take on the throw, and look out for reversible styles that provide even more warmth, particularly useful for sofa beds.

Get Organised For Winter

Squirrels hide nuts in autumn, but luckily they remember where they put them. If you struggle to remember where things are, get yourself organised with a set of matching baskets, to put on a shelf or stack on top of each other. You could put hats in one, gloves in another and scarves in a third. Baskets also provide a good contrast to the dark hardness of a fireplace, as well as being durable storage for everything from children’s toys through to firewood.

The change to autumn provides an opportunity to reorganise your living space, creating warm and comfort. You can find a range of fireside accessories, throws and baskets in stores such as East2Eden now.

English: the forests in new hampshire in autumn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)