The Best Brown Hair Colors Today

There is something about brown hair colors…

The Best Brown Hair Colors TodayThe most unfairly underestimated haircolor the world. The brown hair colors – every shade of them – can be lustrous, deep, sinfully satisfying. And yet, for some reason, gentlemen are said to prefer blondes (perhaps that’s why the women have more fun?). Red hair is supposed to be exotic, blonde is supposed to be flashy and black is supposed to be rich mysteriousness. What do they say about the brown hair colors? You can consider yourself lucky if you get something relatively decent like “mousy” or “sensible”. They’re never going to think that you could be anything fun. If you’re a brunette, you’re probably a high school math teacher or a librarian. But brunette seems to be losing ground even among serious women with serious jobs (think Hillary Clinton). Well, that’s what bad press can do to even something that’s this beautiful.

The way we’re talking about the brown hair colors, you’d think we were trying to push brown the way people usually push blond. And that, we are. How you know if you’re a candidate for a successful brown?

Well, you could consider yourself an ideal candidate for brown if you find that your hair, whatever color it might be, is kind of lifeless, damaged or dull. Using haircolor to turn into a brunette, make sure that find a quick way out of all of these problems. For instance, with hair that suffers from a lot of breakage and rough treatment, brown sugar somehow manages to cover over everything. The lustrous beauty of brown hair colors makes the most abused head of hair look spectacularly healthy. Whatever color hair you have, if you’re interested in low-maintenance hair and you can’t imagine how other women since spend so much time and nursing their hair’s health every day, brunette is for you. If you’re naturally blonde and you find that you’re pretty high maintenance (hair-wise), coloring your hair in one of the brown hair colors can be a great way to go maintenance-free.

So now that you’ve decided that brunette is the right hair color for you, how you get the best kind of Burnett? Let’s say that you have hair that’s all the same length; you should probably go with a really dark monotone brown for it. If you have layered and short hair, coloring your hair really dark most of the way and then going a little lighter towards the tips should highlight your cut is really nicely.

If you going to go brunette choose the darkest brown hair colors you can find. The light browns are considered beautiful too; anything in between though, and you’ll probably be best served coloring to go darker.

Brown hair colors video: Color dark brown hair into light brown