Cheese diet: lose weight without starving

Cheese diet belongs to one of the protein, carbohydrate-free diet types, but it provides maintenance of protein and fat balance at each meal. Keep to this eating regime for about 10 days and you will lose up to 10 kilograms of overweight. Such a portion of cheese can replace the amount of meat that our body cannot process so easily, so it will not harm your health. However, this diet has an imperfection – when being on this diet your body does not receive any natural vitamins, because in the menu, there are no fruits and vegetables, and that is why you can be on this diet only for a short period.

cheese dietThe benefits of the cheese diet.

Cheese diet is included in protein, carbohydrate-free diets, and the brightest representative is the famous Kremlin diet. When you observe this diet you do not have to count calories, but this diet has a more modest menu.

All the dietetic cheese qualities are restricted by its unique structure: cheese contains 30% protein, about 50% fat (in dry form), and 400-700 mg of calcium and phosphorus mineral salts. The proteins of cheese are also an irreplaceable source of essential amino acids to our bodies, which is the key component of our body’s “building material”. By the protein composition cheese it is one of the five best foods- stuffs, which are judged by these criteria. It is recommended not to stay on this diet for no longer than 10 days, and in the result of observing it properly in this short period you may get rid of from 7 – 10 kgs.

The greatest advantage of the cheese diet is its “substantial effect”, i.e. switching from the normal mode of eating to this cheese diet you will not have to starve. Another positive aspect of this diet – easy to prepare meals. It is typically that all products included in this diet have a very large amount of proteins, in addition, the cheese is rich with minerals. This type of diet is highly recommended in springs, because in this time of the year the body requires additional feeding, and this is reflected in the hair, nails and skin.

Cheese diet is unsuitable for those people who suffer from a wide variety of gastrointestinal diseases. Because of the abundance of cultured products, as well as the big amount of proteins can cause serious damage to weak stomachs. Furthermore, as already stated, this cheese diet does not include any fruits and vegetables, so your body will not receive any vitamins. Therefore, in addition to this diet you should use some vitamin complexes.

The types of cheese diet.

Wine- cheese diet.

This aristocratic version of cheese diet is very tasty and very hedonistic, but it is not recommended to be observed for more than two days. Namely, after this type of cheese diet it is recommended to take few free days, in the same time gaining pleasure and improving your psychological background, but observing this diet for too long can cause serious health problems.

Classic cheese diet.

This cheese diet intends you to eat five or six time a day. Its duration is 10 days in which you must keep to the following regime:

– Around 8:00 in the morning in breakfast drink a cup of coffee without sugar or the alternative option – drink a cup of green tea. At 10:00 eat one boiled egg, at lunch – about 200 grams of boiled meat, but after two hours – 100 grams of lean (i.e. 10-12%) of cheese. At 16:00 – 250 grams of slimmed cheese without cream and sugar. At 18:00 – cup of Greek yogurt with low fat content.

Following this diet you should drink per day for at least 1.5 to 2 liters of plain water. Repeatedly observing this cheese diet not sooner than every two months, because after ten days of fat and protein intake the body needs to supplement the carbohydrate stocks.

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