Custom Drinkware for Your Home Entertaining

Custom Drinkware for Your Home EntertainingFancy-shmancy custom drinkware isn’t just for the uber-rich! With you can entertain in style for less than you’d expect. Now your family bar and kitchen can offer up beverages in customized barware, coffee mugs and ceramic soup bowls! Consider these three fun, classy options for yourself or for a friend’s upcoming wedding or housewarming party.

1. Order Customized Barware

Ordering custom glass beer mugs from Minespress is simple. Here’s what to do:

· Click on “Mugs & Drinkware” and navigate to your favorite glass beer steins. These range in serving size from the practical pint to more indulgent options.

· Upload an image, such as your family name written in a fancy font, or a logo for your home brew. Minespress will print up to two colors plus black and white.

If you don’t have an image ready, look through the Minespress emblem collection or see how your family initial looks when typed in their various fonts. If you don’t like the options, see what you can accomplish with free online logo generators.

Good to know: All Minespress glass drinkware is dishwasher safe for the owner’s convenience. The ink is non-metallic to avoid microwave complications too.

2. Make Custom Coffee Mugs

Rudolph the mug deer

Coffee mugs are ideal gifts for family reunions or mailed holiday gifts. If your family has plenty of members with the same surname, then you can very easily handle lots of gifts at once! Just type your last name into the graphic designer and choose one or two glaze colors. Some other options are to use a grandparent’s name. For example, all of the children and grandchildren could receive mugs that read “Grandma Ellen’s Clan.”

When the mugs are ready, give each household at least enough mugs for every family member. Stuff each mug with candy to make the gift extra-special, or make the mugs be part of a larger holiday gift basket. You can line the basket with coordinating cloth napkins or placemats to give a complete entertaining set.

The custom mugs at Minespress are probably the best in the business. You’ll get a gorgeous array of ceramic designs and colors to match any household’s décor.

3. Design Family Soup Bowls

Ceramic soup bowls are shown in the coffee mugs section of Minespress. Just like the mugs, the bowls feature beautiful craftsmanship and can be glazed different colors on the inside and out for extra appeal. Each bowl is wrapped with a coordinating ceramic spoon.

Wrapping it Up

What’s the easiest way to wrap these gifts? Bowls are easiest to wrap; they can easily be stacked into standard-sized gift boxes and tied with a bow. You could also package any of these items with other products to make an extra-generous gift. For example, the soup bowls could be packed with your favorite soup recipes and ingredients. The custom glass beer mugs could be put in a gift cooler with beers, and the coffee cups could be put in a basket with coffee.

If you’re just wrapping a mug or two, a gift bag with tissue paper can help make the gift look most attractive.

Photo creditt: Rudolph the mug deer (Photo credit: Renato Pequito)