Find the Best Jeans for Your Body Type

Find the Best Jeans for Your Body Type The American woman’s universal wardrobe staple is a good pair of jeans. Most women admit that once they find the perfect fit and brand, they’ll never stray from it. Getting dressed is hard enough, but you’ll find that when you know the pieces that flatter your shape best, getting dressed can be that much easier. Most women fall into the following body types: Curvy, boyish, pear, and thin. While many sites offer reviews on womens clothing to help choose brands for body types, many women are unsure of what works best for their shape. Below, you’ll find advice on choosing the perfect pair of jeans whether you’re a skinny-minnie or a curvaceous vixen!


Curvy women often have an hourglass shape and fill out evenly all around.

Choose a jean with a dark wash- it’ll visually erase inches off your lower body, plus, a darker wash is chic, clean, and goes with everything in your closet! A higher rise will minimize full hips, while rear pockets that are closer together and angled towards each other will help your bottom appear smaller. Look for boot cut styles to flatter and enhance your natural curves while creating an even silhouette from top to bottom.


Boyish women have straight torsos and shorter, more athletic frames.

Choose a body hugging, hip version to add a little feminine flair to your look. Boyish figures are often narrow, so a version with a slim high rise will help you appear leggier while elongating your shape. A darker wash adds length while smaller pockets placed higher on the backside will plump your bottom up, making it look fuller. Bonus: Choose a pair that hits just below your ankle-when your jeans bunch at the bottom, they can actually make you appear shorter!


Pear shaped women are trimmer on top, and broader in the hips.

Pear-shaped bodies look best in jeans that showcase thinner thighs and make the mid-section look smaller. A pair with a high level of stretch will help hug and contour your body in just the right places. Choosing a pair that is more similar to leggings than jeans will allow the pair to lie flat against your body instead of bunching up and creating unflattering lines. You want these to highlight your legs without being uncomfortable in the stomach region. If you don’t love the tighter look, opt for a boyfriend jean with slimness through the hip.


Thin women jeans have narrow frames, small busts and flatter bottoms.

Often times, thinner frames look gaunt in skin-tight skinny jeans. Choose a boyfriend jean with narrower legs so you won’t look as if your jeans are ten sizes too large. Or, opt for low-rise flares that emphasize your butt while giving you a little bit of lift.

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