The Best Way to Glue in Hair Extensions at Home

Glue in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an aesthetic embellishment that can be added to your hair to alter its length, volume or color as and when you desire. These are easily available both online and in department stores and are extremely handy if you are bored with your present hairstyle. Glue in hair extensions offer you the luxury to change your hair type or style without having to cut or treat your natural hair thus protecting it from all the harmful chemicals.

It is no longer necessary to book an appointment with any salon to get these extensions. Outlined below is a way to glue in hair extensions in the comfort of your own home.

There are various ways by which you can attach hair extensions to your scalp like clip on, gluing and weaving. Glue in hair extensions are advantageous for those who are looking for a temporary or short term change in hair style like a weekend party, wedding or any other function. It is always important to buy these hair add ons in the exact shade as your natural hair if you are looking to increase the length or add volume and bounce. But you can also go in for differently colored extensions or color them yourself if you wish to attach these as highlights to your natural hair.

It is important to shampoo and condition your hair before you glue in hair extensions. Blow dry your hair and comb it well; if you want a poker straight hairstyle, then straighten your hair using a hot iron and also get straightened hair extensions. But other types like wavy and curly are also available for those who desire such styles. Using a rat tail comb, make a partition at the back of your head and separate a small section of about two inches. Tie or clip up the remaining hair and then measure your natural hair; cut the hair strip to the same length.

The glue has to be applied in a straight line at the topmost part of the glue in hair extensions in a neat and precise manner. Pressing the glue bottle too hard or using too much glue will only make things messy and also cause difficulty while attaching to the scalp. Too much glue can also damage your natural hair making it difficult to remove it later on. Place the extension along the line of the parted hair on the scalp; do this starting at one end and slowly making your way to the other pressing the extension as you go. Never glue the hair track on to your natural hair.

Press down on the glued in part for at least thirty seconds and then blow dry the glue in hair extensions.

If you are wearing your hair straight, then iron out the extensions also so that these look natural and mingle with your remaining hair. Repeat these steps depending on the number of extensions that you have and then comb out the entire hair for a new and glamorous you.


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  1. This is probably the only kind of hair extensions that you can apply on your own. The other variants are only meant to be applied under professional supervision. When you are using the clip hair extensions then make sure to apply a bit of hairspray onto the hair first.

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