Hair Dye Colors To Fit Your Hair Style

Hair Dye Colors If you want to go with something different, you may first think that you want to change your hair color, or at least make the color you have better. There are tons of different hair dye colors out there that you can use, but you don’t want to just pop into the store and buy the first one that catches your eye. If you understand how these colors work and what each one may do to your current color, you will have a better idea of what you want to do and what you should not do. The wrong box of hair dye can land you in a salon, which is the only place someone can safely repair the damage you did without your hair falling out.

If you have blond hair, you can go with just about any of the hair dye colors you see in the store with great results. This is because any color will go over blond without much trouble. The problem is noot getting it on, the problem is getting it off. If you dye your hair black when you have been blond for a long time, you are stuck with that black hair unless you get it grow out or you go to a salon to get your hair stripped. Stripping color out can be very damaging and does not always work entirely. Think really hard when you go from blond to something drastically different.

On the other hand, if you have dark hair and want to go blond, the hair dye colors that you can use at home are not going to work out very well. You first have to have the black stripped from your hair in a harsh chemical process and then you can dye your hair the blond that you want to be. Notice, however, that your black roots are going to come in rather quickly. No matter what you see on television, dark roots on blond hair is not good. This type of drastic step is something that must be kept up at a salon by a professional so think very carefully before you decide to go drastically in the other direction as well.

Your best bet when you want to use hair color dyes that you find in the store is to use one that is not too far off from your natural color.

If you are a light brown, for example, you could go a little darker or you could go with a red. It may not show up dramatically, but the effect could be reddish highlights that bring your natural color to life. There are great colors out there, and some are not quite natural looking, but they look great anyway on someone who is daring enough to wear them.

Don’t forget about the off the wall hair dye colors you can find in beauty stores and online.

You will not usually find these in the drug store but you can find them. These would be pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and stop-sign reds. These are not for everyone, and may not be the best idea for those in an office environment, but these can be fun. Not sure it is right for you? Try to dye just a one inch strand that lies under the rest of your hair to see how you like it. You’ll soon know if going for more bold color is right for you or not.

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  1. I’ve been bored with my brunette color and thought about coloring it myself, but know it would be safest to go to a professional. I finally scheduled an appointment for coloring next month – deep chocolate with vibrant red, as suggested by my stylist. I trust her, so hopefully it’ll turn out awesome!

  2. One must look and know what is written in the label. There are harmful ingredients included in the hair dye products. It is a must for a person to know these details as there are quite many complications suffered from different users who do not take heed on knowing what lies behind such products which triggers hair loss problem.

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