Homemade VS Store-Bought Baby Food

Homemade VS Store-Bought Baby FoodWhen it comes to “how-to” baby parenting sources online, there is a flood of information and an endless array of topics. Doing online research can be frustrating, as you will always find one source that contradicts the other. Therefore, looking for unbiased articles that weigh the pros and cons to any subject of debate may be your best option to gaining a good perspective. What with the advent of food networks and TV cooking shows popping up, homemade baby food has become a popular topic, and sales in related kitchen gadgets have gone way up. This article will examine both the pros and cons of homemade baby food.

The cons

There are a number of parents out there who tried the homemade approach and promptly gave up. There are a many factors that caused these parents to run with open arms to brands such as Gerber or Earth’s Best. Some of these include the following:

·      Making homemade food requires lots of time not only in making the food, but also in portioning it out into tiny little sizes.
·      Homemade baby food spoils quicker.
·      Homemade baby food takes up more room in the fridge and freezer.
·      Shopping for pre-packaged baby food is easier that tackling a grocery list of multiple items.

The pros 

On the flipside, there are many parents out there who embrace making their baby’s food from scratch and find this method to have more benefits. Furthermore, if you are passionate about cooking, making your own baby’s food helps bridge yet another special bond between you and Baby. These benefits include:
·      Cost. Store-bought baby food is more expensive than buying fresh produce and making your own. However, if you enter and win the 21st contest cash prize of $10K, the price of baby food may be a mute point!
·      By making your own food, you know exactly what you are feeding your baby.
·      You can choose your own fruits and vegetables rather than rely on what the manufacturers give you.
·      By making your own food, you are conditioning your baby to eat the same food the rest of the family enjoys (but just in the form of a puree).
·      If you have an older child, you can get them more involved with their younger sibling by having them help you make the baby’s food.

As one can see, the scales are pretty evenly balanced. It seems that this question is simply one answered from the standpoint of personal taste and opinion. But if cost is a main concern for you, as it is for most people, you may want to consider an article published by The Washington Times. The author points out that while baby food on the surface may not seem that expensive, one needs to remember that for the cost of a small 5 ounce jar you can buy a pound of carrots, a pound of apples, or two pounds of bananas on the dollar. This is definitely something to take into consideration, as making your own baby food can save you lots of money over time. Or, alternatively, if you are on the fence because you want your store-bought baby food yet you want to save money at the same time, try your creative hand at the 21st contest. Who knows, your baby might get a nursery remodel and a pantry stocked full of store-bought food at no cost!

Image source: http://cdn1.disneybaby.com/images/2012/04/baby-food-feeding-photo-450×400-lschaeffer-12_16bobbykate_159.jpg