Hot Heads Hair Extensions – Give the Right Care

Hot Heads Hair Extensions

Hot Heads hair extensions are designed to be the thinnest of all types of hair extensions so that it resembles your natural hair perfectly with no question of frizzing or tangling. The advantages of this hair add on are many; these are quick and inexpensive and can also be reused again and again. With this new technology, all that you need is forty five minutes of your time to add volume, get highlights or increase the length of your hair.

Hot Heads hair extensions come is so many different colors, shades, tones and textures so that you can get the perfect match for your hair, skin and personality.

These artificial and temporary extensions can last for three to four months if the right amount of care is taken in protecting them. If you like to experiment with your hairstyle constantly, then these are the best option for you as they are versatile and can be used to add length and volume. You can either choose extensions of a single color or choose a color which can act as highlights for your natural hair.

It is important to keep a few tips and pointers in mind to provide the right and perfect care for your hot heads hair extensions.

Washing your hair periodically is very important as the dirt and sweat tends to accumulate on the scalp leading to tangling which can destroy the extensions. And always remember to wash the hair in a downward motion, again to avoid formation of tangles. While combing the hot heads hair extensions, it is best to use a soft bristle brush. Harsh brushing will not only destroy the extensions but also reduce their life considerably. Use blow dryers and styling irons sparingly as heat is the greatest enemy of artificial hair add ons.

If you enjoy swimming, then use a shower cap or wash your hair immediately after the swim as the high chlorine content of the pool water can tangle up your hair and cause irreparable damage to the hot heads hair extensions. Remember never to brush your hair when it is wet as it can cause tangles once again. Sleeping with a head full of wet hair is also an absolute no when you are sporting artificial hair as it can lead to matting up and tangling.

Use good quality hair care products; it is advisable to use a good leave-in conditioner so that both the natural and artificial hair remains soft and manageable. Visit a salon if you want to get a perm or color your hair; it is best to get expert treatment when you have hot heads hair extensions. Taking adequate care of the extensions will not only help to keep them longer and save time and money but also to keep your new hairstyle in great shape.

Try hot heads hair extensions if you want an instant image makeover that is easy, quick and light on your budget, every hair salon stylist can do it!