How to enjoy life?

How to enjoy life – it is a question that arises in everyone’s mind, but life does not give you the chance to find the answer … Everyone wants to enjoy life fully, and some people even do it very well.

How to enjoy lifeBut people who know how to enjoy life and to be happy are not so much, comparing to all the people in the world who are unsatisfied with their life. Although I am not saying that they all are sad and pathetic to the life, but I am saying that these people are living to survive rather to enjoy the life. Most of those who take rank with this category, will not agree with me, but the fact is that people are constantly competing with each other to achieve better results by defeating each other, and earning more money than their colleagues, but at some point we realize that life is not as we want it to be, but still – it is just life! Of course, each one of us have our own views on how to enjoy life, but here are some suggestions.

Money is not the most important thing in life!

I know that the first thing you expected to see on this list was about a lot of money on luxury goods. If you think so, you will be very surprised to learn that money has nothing to do with the real happiness. Yes, money is important for survival, but it is not like it should be! One of the trends in human behavior is greediness – we have thousands of dollars, but we crave for millions, when we have millions, we want billions… And when we struggle to make our life better, we forget to live our life. After some time money does not provide the happiness, on the contrary – it takes away what you have, it takes away the value of things, it forces you to take it for granted, and that’s why we’ve forgotten how to enjoy life in a real way. What to do now?

Be thankful for what you are!

People tend to focus on their career, strive for even more money and work even harder. Although their ??families hope to spend some time together, but on weekends employees go to rest with the boss. Yes, in this way it is likely that they will get a salary raise, but not always, and is it worth it? The biggest mistake that we can make is considering things for granted. You have to understand that if they are with you today, that does not mean they will be with you tomorrow.

Live every moment!

Living every moment is the best way to be happy every day, though, there are people who are unable to do so. Because of the pressure – family, career, money – all these things make a lot of pressure. What do you think to enjoy every moment with such pressure? Your child comes to you to show your picture, but you get angry and send him away. But that was the moment to see what your child has drawn, and to see how your child sees the world. You had a chance to see the drawing, to praise your child, and then he/ she would kiss you and say “I love you, mom!” And it’s so nice to hear it, right? Surrender to such moments, live them, because they can not be bought for money and it will last only for a moment!

Learn to let go!

letting go is the hardest thing to do, but it is an important thing that must be done, so you could be happy and enjoy your life. You can not be with someone with whom you do not feel really good or who does not feel good being with you. Be sure that somewhere is a man who will love you as you deserve. If you are not happy with this man, lets him go.

Look for positive aspects!

Let go the negative aspects, and focus on the positive aspects – so you will see life as it really is. Each life part is like two coins, and your mission is to capture the image about how to live your life! Read inspiring books that promotes the positive thinking, take excellent examples of people who have blossomed in life after a big struggle and difficulties. All you have to do is to believe in yourself, believe in higher power and consider that, if life has led you to the edge of the precipice, then someone will catch you, if you will fall, then someone will teach you how to fly. That is why the happy and optimistic people live longer for those with a negative approach to life.

Slow down – life is a journey, not a race!

Do not try to steal a march on somebody all the time, do not try to be better and smarter! Is it really so important to chase the promotion and then work without days off? In that way you miss out a lot of beautiful moments in your life. Of course, work has an important role in your life, but find time for something else too. Do you realize how many moments in life you have not enjoyed just because you fear that someone else could win the race? If the race gives you happiness, no problem, but if you are not satisfied doing this, then why you should continue doing this? Follow your passions, allow time for hobbies and other interests, family and friends, not just for work.

Spend some time with nature!

In everyday life when going to work, schools, colleges, meetings, and so on, do you ever admire what is around you? The best way to find inner peace and happiness is to spend some time with nature. Just sit back at the seashore and watch the sea waves moving, do mountain climbing, fishing with your family, watch the sunrise or sunset, see the stars twinkling at the night … Do you know how it will help to enjoy life? It will teach you the value of what you have, it will teach you not to consider things for granted, and teach to understand the meaning of the phrase “The world is beautiful, and so is life!”

Make your family as priority!

After all, the family is the most important thing that will teach you how to be happy in life! To earn money as much to satisfy all family’s demands is not more important than time, which you could spend with your family. I remembered a sad story, which I once read – “five-year-old boy goes to his father, who was busy doing his job, and asked,” Daddy, how much do you earn per hour? ” Father was perplexed that the son asked such question, but then he replied: “$ 100, but why are you asking?” Son said, “Can you please lend me $ 50?” Father was upset that his five-year-old son asks for money, and then he asked why he needs so much money. Crying son replied, “I just wanted you to lend me $ 50, so you could spend half an hour with me.”

The joy and happiness never comes at a physical level – it is the mental condition that you will reach only when you will manage to take life with a positive attitude and know the secret of happiness. There are many ways how to enjoy life, but all variants will require the same manner of thinking- the positive one. Think and ask yourself how you want to enjoy your life? And live it as you wanted before, you have not lost this opportunity!