How to get rid of snoring?

Snoring causes big discomfort.It bothers you and others that are at night in the same room with the person who is snoring. Therefore, no one had a good night sleep. As a result, problems with health can appear. However, there are methods that could help to reduce the snoring and even completely get rid of it.

Folk methods:

How to get rid of snoring

First, pay attention to the fact how you sleep. If you like to spend the night on your back, try to change the body position on your sides or stomach. Special pillows are also available, designed for sleeping, and they do not allow the tongue to fall in front of the throat, making it easier to breath.

Second, check your weight. If you have extra weight, definitely get rid of this extra weight. Thereby, your respiratory tract will be free from the obesity.

Third, if you are a smoker, you should get rid of this bad habit. This will help to clean up the lungs and breathing pipes. If you cannot quit smoking, then every night before going to bed, gargle your neck with one tablespoon of olive oil.

Exercises to get rid of snoring:

Exercise every day your tongue and neck muscles:

1. Strain tongue’s soft palate and with force try to bring the tongue nearer to the throat. Do this several time a day, each time repeating the exercise 15 times;

2. Exert the neck muscles, in voice say the extended “i” sound, do this about 25-50 times a day. This should be done with some effort, just like when you sing;

3. Stick out the tongue from the mouth as if you should show it to the doctor. Strain the muscles at the base of the tongue. Repeat this 30 time. Then fold the tongue in the opposite direction and try to bring it closer to the throat;

4. Move out the lower jaw back and forth for 30 times. Then take a small object in your mouth, squeeze it by force and hold for five min

Recommendations of professionals to get rid of snoring:

1. A wide range of means is available, which are placed in the mouth at night to reduce the snoring, but to find the most appropriate you need to go to see a specialist.

2. Furthermore, anti-snoring pills are available, which a doctor can appoint for you, but their effect is relatively short.

3. As the last option against snoring is a surgery. However, before deciding in favor of it, think it over well, because sometimes it will not improve the situation, but it will even intensify the snoring.