How to wear a scarf?

There are some people who do not really know much on how to wear a scarf, clearly.Tastefully tied scarf will make your image more exquisite and will warm you during the cold season. Nowadays, scarf has become necessary not only for every woman, but is also used as the gentleman’s wardrobe element. Primarily, it is intended to protect the neck from big wind, and frost, when it is chilly and cold outside. Wearing a scarf will help to avoid from colds. There are many ways how to tie a scarf and how to wear it beautifully and fashionable.

We present four ways how to tie a scarf:

Tip Nr.1 : Single knot

Single knot is one of the simplest ways to tie a scarf fashionably. At the same time, scarf should not be too coarse knit. Scarf, bound together in a single knot, can be worn also in warm weather, when you need to put on something warmer, but at the same time, you do not want to resemble a man who plans to conquer the North Pole.

Single knot

And now – how to tie a scarf in a single knot. Put on a scarf around your neck so that one scarf’s end would be longer for the other end. Put around the neck the longest end and order it, so it coverts the upper part of the chest. Then you will throw back the ends of the scarf, so it will be warm also for shoulders and the upper part of back.

Tip Nr.2: The European Loop

 European Loop

The European Loopthe most modern and most beautiful way how to wear a scarf. To bind the European loop take the scarf with both hands, fold it in half, put around your neck, but the free end’s thread through the knot and pull a bit. The tightening level of the European loop’s knot depends on the thickness of the scarf, and it can be easily adjusted. Like this tied scarf will look at the best with a stylish leather jacket. If the weather is very cold, then the ends of the scarf can be hidden inside the jacket, or you can zip the jacket.

Tip Nr.3: The Ascot Knot (or Loose Tie)

The Ascot Knot (or Loose Tie)

The Ascot knot is considered to be all the vogue, because it will make you look more stylish, instead of making you warmer. Such a way of tying a scarf will look better with a light windbreaker or coat, but with a warm jacket that will look extravagant. The principle of this knot tying is the same as for the simple single knot, but it is not tied in such a stylish manner.

Tip Nr.4: The Twice-Around Ascot

The Twice-Around Ascot

The twice- around ascot resembles the European loop.This will be particularly suitable for colder weather. If you liked the European loop, then you will have no difficulty to tie also the twice- around ascot, in the same time – without losing the warmth. However, in this case, you will have to bend down the collar of outdoor clothes, because this knot is quite big.

It is very easy to tie the twice- around ascot. Put the scarf around your neck so that one end is slightly longer than the other. Put the longest end around the neck twice, but do not pull it too tightly. When you have practiced for several times, you can wear the scarf tied in the twice- around ascot even in very cold weather. You will feel the difference immediately! The perfect variant would be that your outdoor clothes have a collar. You can put the scarf’s ends beneath the coat – in this way it will be even warmer.Now you know four different style how  tie and wear scarf !

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