Ladies, the Prostate is not an Apostate

Prostate is not an ApostateTo love your man, means you must love his prostate. After all, it is an organ that, if healthily maintained, will ensure his good overall health and will guarantee many happy years together. Providing that special man in your life with good dietary supplements, such as ones offered through Medix Select, will safeguard his prostate and promote better, overall health.

The Little Gland that Could

Has your husband ever been overheard on the golf course saying “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”? If so, chances are he was not talking about getting an eagle on the hole, but rather singing his determination to not have to run to the bathroom after every swing of the club.  Taking a dietary supplement could really turn things around for him, and help him enjoy life to its fullest without having the constant urge to relieve himself. In an article by The New York Times, the author writes that more and more doctors are encouraging men to be more proactive in their prostate health. He continues to write that while taking certain drugs may offer temporary relief, once they are stopped the symptoms return. However, having your man take a dietary supplement (with the prescribed medicine from your doctor) could really make a huge splash when they are truly needed, and not 50 times a day.

What are some Known Active Ingredients? 

As a consumer, you have many options when it comes to a dietary supplement for the prostate. But make sure these ingredients are found in whatever product you purchase. Pomegranate extract is known wide and far as having strong antioxidant effects that promote appropriate inflammatory response. Also, saw palmetto berry extract is a huge player in the world of maintaining prostate health. It is the most popular herbal substance used to improve prostate function. Pygeum is another natural element that has been used for thousands of years and is known to improve urinary symptoms. In addition to these, stinging nettle root is used around the world, especially in Europe, for prostate health. It helps maintain and improve prostate function, as well as improving the workings of sex hormones. When combining stinging nettle with palmetto, studies have shown that relief from troublesome urinary flow is greatly improved.

Your Husband has nothing to Lose

Do your research, and look for a product that AT LEAST contains these active ingredients. These natural remedies have brought relief to men across the globe, and the cost is minimal. Show him you care and that you are invested in his health by presenting him with a good, herbal solution, be it to ease his current symptoms, or prevent problems from arising. You owe it to him, and yourself.

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