The Modification Handbook to Make Your Car Faster

The Modification Handbook to Make Your Car Faster

At times we all want to squeeze a little more speed from our cars. There are a number of modifications that can be made to achieve this. What follows is a guide to some of the most effective modifications for you to choose from. However, remember to seek advice from a reputable mechanic if you lack the required expertise to fit them.

Premium Gas

Is it a myth that using premium gas can improve performance and make your car run faster? Yes and no, it depends on the type of car you drive and what your owner’s manual suggests. If you own a car that is supposed to run on regular fuel, switching to premium gas won’t make much of a difference. However, if you have been using regular fuel in a car that is supposed to run on premium gas, making the upgrade will improve performance and could make your car faster.

Changing Engines

Yes, it’s pricey, but installing a new and improved engine can definitely boost the power and speed of your car. Swapping engines requires a large amount of knowledge and experience, so if you’re considering taking the engine from a larger high performance car and installing it in your smaller car make sure you seek advice and assistance from a qualified mechanic.

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Spark Plugs

It may be surprising that such a small component can make such a difference but spark plugs are essential for making an internal combustion engine run correctly. The higher the quality of the spark plugs the better the combustion, which means an increase in power and speed. Choose either iridium or platinum spark plugs over convention types.

Tuner Modules

While not all cars have tuner modules, most makes of trucks have them and using tuner modules correctly can improve the performance and speed of your vehicle. A tuner module connects into the diagnostic port, enabling the engine computer to be reprogrammed. Again, seek professional advice on how to improve combustion by tweaking with your tuner module.

Cold Air Intake Systems

Do they increase horse power? The answer is yes, but the increase will depend on the car and its original horse power. Still, most drivers would view even a modest improvement as worth it, even though a little fuel efficiency will be sacrificed and the engine may run louder. Cold air intake systems direct cold air to the engine, which improves the density of the charge and increases horse power.

Air Filters

Preventing harmful particles from affecting the engine, there are many different types of air filters. High quality air filters can improve the air flow while protecting the engine and improving its performance, so they’re a wise investment. Be sure to closely follow the maintenance instructions and replace them periodically.


How the air leaves your engine is just as important as how it enters it. Fitting a wider exhaust with a less restrictive muffler can make a difference, but don’t make the mistake of simply fitting the largest exhaust you can find. The engine needs some back pressure, so simply fitting a mammoth racing exhaust could actually negatively affect overall performance.

Nitrous Oxide

Installing a nitrous oxide kit to your car can increase its power. How does it work? The nitrous oxide is injected into the engine, which makes more oxygen available during combustion, which also enables more fuel to be injected. The nitrous oxide also cools the intake air, which can boost engine performance. However, remember to use it selectively, as it runs out quickly.


Turbochargers compress the air entering the engine, which helps add more fuel and creates more power from the combustion within the cylinders. Turbochargers are therefore a form of forced induction system, utilising exhaust gases to drive the turbine within the compressor which powers the air pump. Seek professional advice on which is the right turbocharger for your vehicle.


Like turbochargers, superchargers boost the intake by compressing the air that enters the engine, which means more fuel can be added and combustion is improved increasing the horse power. Unlike turbochargers, superchargers are driven by an accessory belt that draws its power from the crankshaft. Again, seek the advice of a mechanic on which supercharger best suits your vehicle.

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