The Most Popular Professions

The most popular professions which do not require higher education.

most popular professionsStill think that brilliant career is possible only after graduation? Think again! Higher education may be replaced with sociability, good mood and love.

Already in-school time’s parents said: “Without higher education you will not have a job.” Of course, they were right, when it comes to legal practice, medical profession or running a large company. However, if you have enough ambition, then you can do without higher education. If you have not yet finished a university or if your specialty is not included in the list of most popular professions, then do what you like, giving preference to one of the following professions.


If you have used a professional camera, and you can take interesting photos, then, in all likelihoods, you have found your calling. However, do not enjoy yourself before time – in order to make money, you will need to make efforts. To develop skills and create your own style, you have to take a lot of pictures, read books about the theory, and look at other authors’ works.

“A couple of couple times I tried to go to some courses at the famous artists, but I did not like. They tried insistently imposed their technique. In addition, we had different opinions about the shooting. Today, it is hard to find good photography courses. Therefore, it is better to read theory books of photography. However, even better – explore the world popular photos, trying to see the world in with their eyes. “- a 23-year-old photographer shares her experience.

Be prepared that you will have to make customer base at least a couple of years. Here, a help is the social networks and friends. The internet – a unique opportunity to make your own photo galleries for free and a group that holds the same view, as well as engage in discussions, and add your own comments. This is what will allow you to find new customers.


You have always dreamed to create the wedding hairstyles, to make braids not only for girlfriends but also to other people? Nowadays, there are many professional hairdressing schools, where you can learn this profession. You just have to choose the most suitable one.

In addition, in order to start working, you do not necessarily have to work in a salon. In recent years, hairdressers often work in their homes, or have a visit to the customer.

Nail and eyelash extension specialist

Women never economize money to their appearance. Therefore, the professions related with beauty – cosmetologist, manicurist or masseuse will always be required.

Just remember that there are many competitors in the beauty industry today. Therefore, you will get customers you only if you offer qualitative service for a reasonable price. To become a specialist in this field, all you have to do is to complete the specialized courses and tell about yourself to your friends, and put information in social networks.

Seller – Consultant

If you are social and tireless, you love people, and you are always ready to help them, then the consultant’s work will be right for you. Toy store or tobacco store, flower shop or a clothing shop – you can choose the closest area for you. Of course, it would be good if you could complete some seller’s courses.


Individual sewing, despite the high prices, still is a popular thing. To avoid from unnecessary expenses for rent, sewing workshops, you can create a workshop in your own apartment. Only be prepared that you will need a small start-up capital, as will have to buy a good sewing machine and a table for cut-out making.

Consider that there tends to be all sorts of clients, so you must be prepared to contact with grumpy and very demanding people.


Which one of us has dreamed of becoming a stewardess – to conquer the sky and to spend time in many countries every day? However, only few of us know how difficult this profession is.

Stuart’s profession can learn in big airline companies. Traditionally, these courses are free, but everyone has to sign a contract, according to which you should serve to the company starting from one to three years. If the agreement is canceled, then you have to pay for the courses. There exist independent schools for stewardesses, where the courses are for money. When finishing these schools the new stewardesses do not have any obligations, and they can work in any company.

In job interviews the focus mainly is on appearance and age: sympathetic girls under 35 years with knowledge in English are being accepted for the work. Height should be 160-175 cm, and the size of clothes – up to 40 (including). After which the contest participants must pass the health and flight test that will be shown that they have good health, stable mental state and how they can stand the high.

Normally, a woman as stewardesses work on average 5-7 years. You can earn a lot of money, but it has a bad effect on health – eventually your ears will start to hurt. Hair starts to fall out, appears vein varicose, high blood pressure and gynecological problems.

The bartender, waitress

Service staff in cafes and clubs does not earn much. However, if you have experience, knowledge in English and well completed courses, then you can establish yourself in a good restaurant, where people give larger tips, as well as working conditions are much better. An important part of this profession – a moving schedule of work. Here, you need to be endowed with enthusiasm, charisma, love to work and accuracy.

Plus – the girls always have a good tip. Minus – boring adorers. However, if in your workplace, there is a good security staff, then this problem will be resolved quickly.


Trader – this is a person with an analytical mind, who performs actions in the stock market, buying and selling currencies and shares. To begin to deal with it, you have to complete training courses for traders, buy a computer, connect to the Internet and collect the starting capital.

Just remember, if you want to earn money, then you will have split infinitive the stock quotes, and do the stock value analysis – in short, work hard. It is something like a poker game, because there is a possibility of losing all the money. However, if you will run tests efficiently, and you will follow your intuition only in exceptional cases. You can earn very well.

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