Nail Designs 2011: short nails,even shorter designs fashion

The nail designs fashion can safely be described as revolutionary:it strives for absolute minimalism.

nai artI mean that in this season popular will be amazingly short nails, or very short nail designs. This trend has already started to emerge a few seasons ago, but in 2011 short and most natural nail designs seriously will jeopardize all other ambitious achievements of nail industry. Massive formations, acrylic nail designs, complex images on the nail surface, most likely, will be forgotten for some time.

Short nails are much more suitable for daily mode of life – probably every woman will agree with this. They will break less often. They cannot tear up the tights, and they have another no less important advantages. Let’s mention at least the fact that according to the best “glossy” magazine results of surveys, mostly men prefer to see a lady’s hand with not too long fingernail design, that is, men love to see nail designs which they associate with femininity not with beastly tendencies. Stylists do not end to repeat that the optimal nail length should be like this – the edge of the nail designs should be no longer than the finger’s pad for no more than half a centimeter. In 2011 this factor in nail designs fashion will be the main thing.

Nail designs 2011: in the name of natural things

Nail designsEven if few years ago nail extension was very popular among women. However, with time most things return to the “natural” values. Women prefer their own natural nail designs, although they are less effective than those that are made in professional salons. Here the focus is not on the fact how much these services cost, and the fact that recently begun economic crisis forced to review the investment efficiency of some beauty salons. Simply fashion has decided to switch mode of glamour to the practicality, and you can observe it is even nail designs.

A manicure for short nail designs in 2011 promises to be very reserved after all the colors and diversity of details that were showing in nail designs fashion in the recent years. The most optimal variant – a smooth lacquering in one color with expensive and high-quality nail polish. For those whom this might seem too uniform and boring, in the fashion classical French-style manicure remains. A new French manicure concept will show up – Shanghai manicure, in which for the basis a velvety black polish serves, that is supplemented by rich golden color, but for overlay translucent nail polish with glitters is used.

Nail Designs 2011: Connecting incompatible

For all the conservatism in nail designs fashion in 2011, it still leaves pretty broad possibilities with a wide range of creative ideas and experiments. Only it will be devoted to the length of nails and the artificial details, such as, for example, ornaments, stickers, stones and similar stuff, but to the main thing – the color. Here you may connect the most direct incompatible things – ideal in the context of the above mentioned French manicure.

The initial shape of nail designs in 2011 – almond-shaped or oval nails.

In any case, the nail shape should be rounded and soft, because sharp and angular lines in this season will no longer be outstanding. Firstly, all owners of wide and “spade” form nails should remember this. Just because of them in 2011 the nail fashion has saved the manicure style with an indention from the cuticle. This style has quite a lot of opponents, which argue that it is contrary to all the traditional notions of nail aesthetics. However, women whose nature has not endowed with ideal nail shape, nevertheless, it is a kind of original benefit. In any case, you should choose the best nail designs on your own!

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  2. hi,i like ur nail design…its so beautiful and very artistic….i hope i can do it …thats my dream…i hope i can work as nail art designer…thank u …

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