Prescription Drug Abuse Is Increasing in Today’s Youth

Prescription Drug Abuse Gone are the days when the worst drugs that parents worried about their kids taking were cocaine or heroin. Currently, the use of prescription painkillers as a way to get high is second only to the use of marijuana in our teen population. Forty percent more kids use drugs that are commonly prescribed as medications are easier to get than in the past.

One of the reasons many kids use prescription painkillers and other medications as a way to get high is because they are under the misconception that these drugs are safer to use than ones found on the street. However, researchers and statistics have found there are more deaths caused by prescription medications than there is from cocaine and heroin combined.

Apparently, these medications also caused more deaths per year than automobile accidents. Pain medication is not the only medication that kids are commonly abusing. Many kids use a variety of other prescription medications as well and it’s shocking to think that some of these could cause euphoria. Among the array of prescription medications that are abused are ADD/ADHD medications, prescription sleep aids, prescription anti-anxiety drugs known as benzodiazepines, some antidepressants and muscle relaxants.

Many parents or other adults may not realize that they have in their medicine cabinets drugs with the potential to cause addiction or even death. U.S. News interviewed an expert who made a good point in a recent article “There are more of these drugs in people’s medicine cabinets,” Miech said, “and if the drugs are not kept under lock and key they are easy to steal.”

“Most people recognize the dangers of leaving a loaded gun lying around the house,” Miech went on to say. “What few people realize is that far more people die as a result of unsecured prescription medications.”

Most kids or teens do not often have the knowledge or experience to make good decisions in dangerous situations. Many teens do not realize abusing prescription medications has the potential to be extremely dangerous. This is proven by the fact that many kids have started going to parties that are centered on taking pharmaceuticals. These parties have become so popular that kids have actually named them. They are commonly known as “pharm parties” or “skittles parties.”

What kids do is go through their medicine cabinets and find as many mind-altering pharmaceuticals as they can. Looking for these drugs is called “pharming.” The kids then bring these drugs to the parties, where they are dumped into a large bowl or bag with all the medications that everybody else has brought. Each kid is then instructed to reach in his or her hand and pull out a few. They then take them together.

For individuals who do not know a lot about drug use, pharmaceuticals or mixing drugs; taking unknown pharmaceuticals with other unknown pharmaceuticals is dangerous. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to overdose. This is especially true for the pharmaceuticals that a lot of kids are using as a way to get high. Many of these drugs are what are known as suppressants. When you mix one suppressant with another suppressant, there is a risk that it will be too much for your body to handle and can cause your heart to stop beating.

In addition, many of the kids at these parties also drink alcohol while they are there. Drinking alcohol while taking depressants is also extremely dangerous. It can lead to overdose or death. This is especially true for people who are using opiates.

However, many kids don’t have any idea that what they are doing could lead to a dangerous situation or addiction. Many people in the United States, including teens, are under the impression that abusing pharmaceutical drugs to get high would not be considered addictive behavior. Quite a few individuals could be suffering from an addiction to a drug that many people don’t even consider a drug because it’s legal.

Since many of these drugs are considered legal, the best defense we have against prescription addiction is through education. It is important that parents do an ample amount of research on what pharmaceutical drugs their kids could get addicted to and make sure that these drugs are not easily accessible to their children. While many of these drugs can be beneficial for certain individuals and medical conditions, put in the wrong hands and used in the wrong way, these drugs can be lethal weapons.

About the Author: Ross Greco is a freelance wellness writer. He has written extensively on the subject of prescription drug abuse. He recommends following for more information.