Recycling Clothes into Great Fashion Designs!

Recycle OnlyThe term recycle brings that old rug thought to many minds including mine; but did you know where that most expensive designer clothes you are fixing to impress your peers with came from? Possibly, or maybe you think like me that it was brought from ‘heaven’ by an angel. Or maybe you have never thought of where this great looking stuff we cover our nakedness with come from. I like being ignorant as many, though I at times remember: ‘ignorance is no cure’ then I stop being. This is to teach you more of how clothes can be put on for thousands of years as it moves over through generations.

What is recycling then?

Recycling is simply putting back to use (reusing) what had been rendered useless or worn out or depleted in the sense of clothing or materials of nature that can wear and become of less importance with time such as clothes and paper; other materials such as furniture (wooden, plastic or metallic), rubber (from tires, shoes and homes) and paper. In many countries, the municipal helps in sorting wastes and channeling them or selling them to manufacturers for recycling.

Why recycle?

I thought for some second that oh, why we should recycle things like paper and clothe yet we have enough potential and dependable raw materials for that. I was wrong because of the following reasons:

Recycling worn out and unwanted clothe ensures reduction and near elimination of landfill waste since, when a commodity is not recycled yet it was once manufactured, it may be hanging somewhere but one day if occupies part of the land. Municipal councils always bury such in poor and under developed regions which lack recycling facilities for clothing materials; and this always see that the only place the unused clothing goes is the ground.

Expenses cut in Production process: coming up with new products (manufacturing) undergoes many processes as we shall see below, and this consumes a lot more than recycling already existing unused clothing. Consider this, you make coffee in the morning and you leave half of it untaken; when you come in the evening, you need coffee once again, you have two options: one is to boil the coffee you had made in the morning which consumes 5minutes at room temperature; or two, make coffee from scratch which involves deciding on quantity you need, sugar amount, beverage quantity and water; then you come to decide on procedure of preparation to give you that cool coffee taste you need and after that you decide to make it then which summed up takes 30 minutes, because maybe your coffee pot was dirty, maybe you found a dead cockroach in it and you had to scrub it, and when you do that you realize there are piles of stuck residue so you take more time to work on it. That’s how recycling clothes and manufacturing a new works.

Environment Policy: our environment today is facing depletion from water pollution and air pollution, and thus environmentalists after saying that we plant more trees, they advice that we recycle more than manufacture to reduce pollution due to short time used thus less toxic matter released.

Designing from Rags to Fashion

Recycling in clothing has two meanings: industrial re-production and putting into other viable use just at same state. Mainly, we don’t put on our clothes until they are torn as the old days when we were young, but we leave them due to change of taste or over growth (since clothes don’t grow). Most clothes can be re-produced to better designs and fashions. But best solutions in recycling are:

Selling the clothes: there is always someone who adores that clothes you want to be in your own world alone when you put it on. Some great places to sell clothes are at Amazon or Ebay, or even on various facebook groups. Whilst recycling, you could also get rid of any other items that you have lying around your home with, where you can get cash for any DVDs, CDs and games.

Donate: it is blessed to give than to receive; in every state, there is someone who lacks clothing, reach to them either through that orphanage or rehab and give it out to those who need it and you would have put a smile on it.

Fall in Love again: when I go back to the village, I tend to love the clothes I once wanted to burn when I was going to town. They make me bond with my village environment. You as well can find a way in which that cloth can suit your need if you can’t pick on the above options.

Starting with you, that shirt in your drawer that you always put aside, someone needs it; recycle that clothe and someone will be all smiles with it. Lets us promote recycling of clothes in the world around us to make it what it should be.

Recycle your clothes today!