How to reduce menstrual pain

Reduce menstrual pain in the critical days.Every month you wait with horror the critical days. You fear the menstrual pain that you are forced to endure. And to reduce such risks, you drink tablets, although you are well aware that it is harmful…

Go in for sports

More than 50% of women in the critical days experience a varying degree of spastic pains: from minor discomfort to a strong feeling of heaviness in the lower part of the stomach, stinging in the sacral region and in the waist. You should blame the prostaglandin hormones, which are actively being developed in this period of time and make the womb to contract rhythmically, getting rid of all the unnecessary and redundant. If the abdominal receptors are very sensitive, you will constantly feel the menstrual pain. Fortunately, if you are properly acting, then this pain can be reduced. For example, if you do sports. Only without the unnecessary fanaticism!

It would be better not to observe the Olympic motto “faster, higher, stronger” in the critical days. Intense physical exercise may provoke muscle spasms and cause bleeding. In turn, this may result in an unpleasant disease, such as iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, instead of lifting dumbbells in a fitness club or running in the local stadium, do some simple exercises at home. Lie down on your stomach so that the elbows meet the floor, lift your head and waist as high as possible, and take a deep breath. Exhale and slowly return to the initial position. Repeat this ten times. Then lie on your back, lift your legs up, squeeze them together and learn with feet against the wall. Try to relax. Stay in this position for some three minutes. If the menstrual pain will not disappear at all, then they will certainly reduce.

In these days certainly you should not go to the pool, although swimming improves the circulation of blood in the pelvic region, improves mood and serves as a natural anesthetics means. Even if you use a good water purification system, I doubt that your water is crystal clear. The tampon can get wet, and you run the risk of developing an infectious disease, from which you may have to use treatment for a long time.

Eat cheese

British scientists have made a surprising discovery. They found that for the cause of acute menstrual pain can serve the lack of calcium. The fact is that this mineral is not only the main building material of bone tissues, but also a valuable participant in many biochemical processes in the body. The lack of calcium reserves can lead to numerous health problems, starting from problems with teeth, problems with sleep and can eventually lead to muscle spasms. In short, the uterus during menstruation sometimes is squeezed too tightly, trying to get rid of the blood thickenings, and becomes as hard as stone. For this reason, you feel menstrual pain. To free ourselves from the discomfort, ten days before the start of menstruation, when the levels of calcium in the body begin to fall, eat hard cheese, sardines, broccoli, celery, dried apricots, and cheese and drink milk. These products contain a lot of calcium. Just remember that it is difficult to absorb the calcium for the body. Therefore, it will absorb better in the body if you use in the diet boron, copper, sulfur, zinc, vitamin D and products that are full with manganese. Alternatively, buy a special preparation in pharmacy containing calcium and all the necessary micro elements and vitamins in the needed proportions. The main thing – drink the tablet in the evening. In this time of the day body better absorbs calcium.

In order your efforts not to be useless, cut down on coffee, green tea, sweet carbonated drinks, potatoes, sorrels, spinach and oat flakes for a while, because these things remove the calcium from the body. On the other hand, sugar from the sugarcane, cocoa and chocolate makes it difficult to absorb the calcium. Therefore, you should not be carried away using these products in the diet.

Put on a hot-water bottle on the stomach

The hot- water bottle will help overcome the menstrual pain that is similar to cramps fill it with warm but not too hot water and keep on your stomach for 15 minutes. As an alternative, you can use a heating cream, only apply a thin layer, otherwise bleeding may become even stronger. If you have a desire, then you can take a hot bath, which relaxes muscles and reduces menstrual pain sensations. However, before taking a bath, you should be obligatory put a tampon. This is not because of aesthetic reasons. During menstruation the body becomes very vulnerable, and sitting in the water without the necessary protection, you can get an infection. For this reason, you should not add to water foams, sea salt with colors’ and flavors, as well as other bath means. It is not known how they will affect the natural micro flora of the vagina.

In case if the heating procedures fail to achieve the feeling of relief, act differently and try to “freeze” the menstrual pain. Fill the hot- water bottle with cool water and keep on your stomach for 15-20 minutes. It would be absolutely enough for blood- vessels to narrow. Once this happened the pain will soon lessen.

Do massage for stomach

Simple strokes may also help to reduce menstrual pain, but from the point message, you will gain the bigger benefit. It is absolutely safe; it has no contraindications and can be easily acquired. All you need – it is to find the acupuncture point with a beautiful name “Sani” and to press it correctly. Place the right palm inside the left leg so that the little finger pad is pressed against the bone projection. Then the forefinger will be located at the “Sani” point. Click on it with your thumb and hold it in this position for six seconds. Then does a two-minute break. Repeat four times, first with one foot, but later with the other one.

Reflex therapists argue that point massage improves blood circulation, increase the power of life and reduce the excessive uterus pressure.


If the menstrual pain will intensify during menstruation, forcing you to walk with seized stomach, and you have to change the package on an hourly basis, you have increased temperature, you begin to freeze or dizziness occurs, then you must definitely see your doctor. Perhaps the discomfort is a major cause of gynecological diseases.

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  1. These are excellent suggestions and are sure to help sufferers of menstrual pain. The only thing I would add is to cut down or avoid alcohol because, being a diuretic, it could cause a depletion of the water soluble vitamins and minerals which are in the body.
    A great post!

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