Tips For Taking Care of Your Lingerie

babydollLingerie’s are among the most desired inner wears for women and usually made of delicate materials that need to be cared for enabling them to be used for long time. Some wash their delicate lingerie with ordinary washing materials but it may take much time and energy to wash them like this. These delicate inner wears need more sophisticated methods to clean them and live long like machine washing which also save time and energy. But whatever the method you use to wash them you should start in a systematic way which is essential for their long life and delicacy.

Systematic way of taking care of your lingeries

Checking the label

You should first of all check the label of your lingerie as normally manufacturers provide instructions about taking care of their products, they know best about it. The advice provided by them should be taken seriously as it will help in maintaining the delicacy and beauty of the stuff for long.

Things to do with no instructions

If there are no instructions from manufacturers on the lingerie or they are not clearly readable then you should not worry much about cleaning your under garments. Normally all the lingeries can be washed easy b hands in cold water but you should use detergent or washing soap of mild quality to save the texture and beauty of the lingerie from being damaged. Rinse the lingerie thoroughly and hang it to dry. If you have no instructions then avoid drying your lingerie in drying machine. You can also machine wash your lingerie at delicate cycle mode to avoid any harm to it. This will also save your energy as washing with hand is an exhaustive task. You can use washing bag during machine washing your lingerie to avoid their fastening in the washing cycle. Lingerires with all kinds of materials including cotton, chiffon, nylon etc. can be washed in machines. Also avoid hot air drying in machine as it may shorten its life and affect its elasticity. Always dry them in sunlight, lying flat or hang drying.

Washing silk lingeries

Silk has its own level of delicacy when it comes to wash the silk lingeries. The sensitivity of silk towards detergents and washing soaps warns you to use specific soaps specially made for washing silk garments. Soak the silk lingerie in the warm water after applying soap to it and then rinse it in cold water to remove the detergent completely. You can also add a teaspoon of vinegar while rinsing it in cold water to remove even the traces of soap from it. Put the silk lingerie flat on a towel to dry. The fragile nature of silk also warns you about some things while washing silk lingeries. You should never scrub or twist the silk clothes, silk clothes should be washed entirely instead of spot washing, avoid wearing them in direct sunlight as they fade easily, avoid spraying perfume on silk clothes as its chemicals may damage its texture. You should love your silk lingerie. Silk Lingerie, being a delicate wear for women which not only enhances their sexual looks but also boosts their level of self confidence, should be loved and cared cautiously. They can also be dry cleaned through some professional laundry to keep their beauty and texture for long time.

Some other tips for caring you lingeries

Wash the colored lingeries separately after sorting other clothes as per their color fastness. You should wash dark colored clothes separately from light colored or white clothes as they may get color from dark shaded clothes.

Also wash clothes made of natural fibers from that f man made fibers as severally natural fiber release some oily substance that may harm clothes made from man made fibers.

While washing lingeries in washing machine you should be sure about tucking their hooks to avoid tangling with other clothes. You can also avoid tangling by using washing bags.

Clothes like towels or fleece blankets that generate lint should be washed separate from lingeries as lint may cling to them.

You should wash lingeries made of delicate fibers separately from harsh fiber clothes like jeans as they may scratch the delicate clothes.

Thus, you should take care of the lingeries carefully as almost they are made of delicate fabrics.

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