Top 10 Most Memorable Movie Hairstyles

Hairstyles come and go with the ebb and flow of fashion.  There are some hairstyles though that will always stand out as classic and stylistic.  Let’s go through the top ten most memorable movie hairstyles.

1. Elvis Presley


Elvis’s famous locks have been immortalized through his movies (like Jailhouse Rock) and singing career.  Elvis impersonators sport Elvis wigs and often struggle to get just the right look.  His slicked back style (also called the duck tail because of its similarity to the back of a duck) became his signature style.  The hair in front was poofed up high and was not parted.  Sideburns emerged from his mop to about mid ear level.

2. Meg Ryan


Who can forget the stylized layered hairstyle Meg Ryan pulled off in When Harry Met Sally?  She has had some great dos and many should feature comebacks!  Though some of her styles could be a little poofy and hearken to the 80’s, Ryan gave the fashion world fresh new looks.

3. Robert Pattison


Robert Pattison, who most famously played Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, developed a bold new hairstyle that many have tried to emulate.  This vampire-do won’t work with all hair types.  Men with semi thick hair can pull it off with some help from some texture and hairspray to keep the hair in place.  Twi-hard fans have emulated the look by cutting bangs about eye level to be pushed back and up.  Then, they mimic the look by growing the sides out to reach the bottoms of the ears, but sweeping it around and back.  The back is layered from short to long at the top.

4. Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson played Sweet Penny Lane in Almost Famous and sported a style of ringlets.  She pulled it off perfectly and has given this look a timeless quality.  Her hair was shoulder length and styled perfectly to prevent a frizzy look.  This look seemed to have a playful flare to it, projecting warmth and fun.

5. Sean Connery


Sean Connery as James Bond pulled off a debonair look that stayed perfect amid explosions and shoot-outs.  His early Bond style was a short style and almost resembled a pompadour.  His swept back look stayed classic even when his hairline started to recede.  This hairstyle gives an aura of seriousness and business.  If he was ever caught in a gunfight or jumping out of an exploding helicopter, he could have the peace of mind that his hair would stay in place.

6. Daryl Hannah


The 80’s was not a glimmering moment in celebrity hairstyle, but Daryl Hannah pulled off a crimped look that continues to be a stylistic option today.  Hannah played a mermaid in Splash and brought a new lustre to crimping.  It almost seemed as though her hair was just freed from a braid.

7. Jonny Depp


One of the most unique and talked about hair styles emerged from Jonny Depp who played Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean.   Though his dreadlocks are partially covered by a bandana, this pirate look adds texture and different hues to this hairstyle.  Depp used hair extensions and the effort really paid off – what a memorable do!

8. Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn showcased a beautiful hairstyle in Roman Holiday all the way back in 1953.  Hepburn had a short pixie cut that was slightly curled.  This cut especially suits women with delicate features like Hepburn.  Audrey’s hairstyle from Roman Holiday can easily be pulled off today with a couple of refinements.

9. Marlon Brando


Marlon Brando perfectly pulled off a look that quickly became synonymous with the Mob.  His character in The Godfather was Vito Corleone.  His hairstyle was a slicked back style that accentuated his high forehead and even worked well with his receding hairline.  His sideburns were barely sideburns at all, but were slicked back.  His hair was usually combed back smoothly with an oily shimmer, but could also be worn with a rougher, dryer look.

10. Olivia Newton-John


Olivia Newton-John swept onto the screen in Grease playing opposite of John Travolta (who was also sporting another classic hairstyle).  Midway through Grease, Olivia Newton-John who plays Sandy, shows up to a fair with a new hairstyle that shocked and awed.  Her hair was given a layered look with loose curls that seemed to move with the music.  Sandy gave many women the inspiration to try something new and to shake things up.

Technically, a list of most memorable movie hairstyles could go on and on.  There are just so many fantastic, inspirational looks out there!  What hairstyles strike you as most memorable?  Have you ever tried to emulate any of these famous hairdos?  Tell us about it!

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Guest author Lindsey Clement works for Haarklinikken, a hair replacement clinic in Tampa.  She has encountered patients with a variety of hairstyle inspirations – including the movies!  As a cinema buff herself, she can totally understand the motivation behind patients’ desires!