Types of Hair Extensions

Different Types of Hair Extensions for a Complete Makeover

Are you getting bored sporting the same hairstyle day in and day out? It is surprising how even

Types of Hair Extensions

a small change to your hairstyle can make you look completely different. So, if you are looking to get a complete hair makeover without having to cut off your locks, then try out the different types of hair extensions. Hair extensions which were used only by actresses and models have become a fashion rage these days and you can find people from all walks of life sporting these.

There are different types of hair extensions depending on the look you want to create.

It is a great option for women who have thinning hair; extensions can create the illusion of having more hair than you actually do. These hair add-ons are also used by modern brides especially those who have short hair and desire to have a longer hair style on their big day. Different colored hair extensions are another fashion statement that has become a hot trend these days. These are temporary and can be removed at any time so that you can go back to your old hairstyle whenever you desire to.

So, let us take a sneak peek at the different types of hair extensions that are available in the market today.

Clip ons – These are probably the easiest and most wearable among the various types of hair extensions. You need not spend big bucks going to a salon to get these; just walk into any cosmetic store and purchase these. You can directly attach the clip on extensions close to the scalp of your hair. These are available in different colors and textures like straight, wavy and curly and are also available as a single piece or multiple small pieces. Clip ons are ideal for all those who want a temporary hair style change and do not want to spend too much money on it or waste time going to salons.

Weaves – If you are looking for something more lasting among the different types of hair extensions, then try weaves which has become a rage among women with Afro hair. These extensions cannot be done at home and require professional help. The natural hair is corn rowed and the hair weave is attached to the scalp. The biggest advantage of using this type of hair add on is that you can style it just like your natural hair and will last for about two months.

Integration – Among all the various types of hair extensions, this is probably the most difficult of all and requires skilled professional treatment. Integration is a more permanent solution for women who suffer from thinning hair due to hair loss or as a result of cancer therapy. But these days, you can also find normal women resorting to this technique for a change of hair style. A nylon web with many hair extensions is fitted over the scalp and the natural hair is pulled through it so that it mingles with the artificial hair.

So, here are the different types of hair extensions, choose one depending on your need and give yourself an instant makeover.

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