What to wear with ankle boots?

Ankle boots: a tricky footwear, which can damage your image, damage good proportions of shape, and marks out the imperfections of your silhouette.

ankle bootsThe offer of such shoes are broadening and newer models are appearing, so even very experienced fashion ladies get confused, and begin to doubt whether these stylish ankle boots will suit them. In this context, the women who want to be not only well informed of the latest fashion trends, but also want to include these tips in their wardrobe are sometimes engaged with the question – how and with what to wear ankle boots?


Ankle boots appeared in the fashion world very targeted and inconspicuous.

Furthermore, ladies will love them just like winking, as they represent the alliance of stylish shoes and boots, by coming more similar with both categories. For this reason, these shoes are very difficult to wear, because the more options are offered, the more likely to admit error.

General recommendations

First of all, here are a few simple rules that will help you to orient yourself easily in the choice of footwear, and you will skillfully adapt them to your image:

• considering the proportions

Classic length ankle boots without cuts and splits, which are often offered in the spring-summer collection, visually ‘cut’ the feet, making it shorter, more well- rounded, which affect the perception of the silhouette as a whole. In this case, it is not advisable to combine such as ankle boots with skirts.

If your legs are not too slim, then leave this option better to thinner girls. You can make a silhouette longer with high heels and a deep cut, which extends to the foot instep.

Models with a filled insole should not be worn with skirts, especially if you have very thin legs. Then in your lower body too big heaviness will form, which will not make anyone more beautiful. Ankle boots with open toes and no caps, and unnecessary cuts and splits, always make legs to look easier visually, especially if you have been high heels.

• Style correspondence

Nowadays, we have a great variety of ankle boots. They have not been regarded as semi-season leather shoes for a long time with a conservative design and universal application. Models in nowadays are able to be both classic and elegant, and colorful and romantic and very feminine, and in biker style, as well as in cowboy style. Just do not remove the responsibility of yourself when it comes to the choice of ankle boots, by motivating it with the fact that these shoes belong to those accessories who should add a “charming effect “. This kind of footwear is able equally to participate in businesslike, and even in the sporty style wardrobe, so you must understand what shoe style will be a suitable choice for clothing.

Proper co-existence

One of the positive qualities of ankle boots are considered to be the fact that they are able to become a multi-style ingredient. These shoes will look very good and equally well with skinny jeans, shorts and a cocktail dress, both with short dresses and sweaters, as well as with pencil like skirts. When choosing another fancy skirts you must remember that with ankle boots you should not carry wide and skirts with pleats. Furthermore, the pants with crease will not look good with these shoes. The length of dress must end about the knee, and the dress should not be too long, because such models of dresses in combination with ankle boots will only make your legs shorter. If you have slim legs, then you can wear thick colored tights with ankle boots. The most universal variant is considered to be nontransparent matte tights in dark tones, including the cotton stockings. In addition, you can probably wear golf shorts and short socks, which have entered relatively recently in the fashion.

If you wear a classic style clothing, then the best option will be smooth leather ankle boots, which will be marked out with details of suede or the opposite – suede ground with leather inlets. Heel – the maximum height, but stable, wide or average width, a short platform is allowed, but as a whole in this case. However, you should stick to the minimalism. Sealed high-heeled versions will be a perfect to go to parties or dinner parties.

For denim casual style will be best suitable models with inlets – free finger and feet part. Confident women can wear a shortened version of tight trousers with ankle boots, which will perfectly complement the length from the bottom, under the condition if they have a deep cut. Shoes with “gathered boot- top”, including from natural suede, will be a great accessory that will be equally suitable for a walk during the day and in the evening. They can be worn in combination with tight jeans, tight skirts or dress.

When choosing ankle boots you should take into account the fact that they complement your clothes.

To a suede dress you should not wear suede shoes, but a dress-sweater should be better worn with knitted boots. Footwear – it is an accessory, so the “total look” is out of place here. The color of ankle boots should be in accord with the rest of the wardrobe. Bright models with slits can be combined with colorful contrasting tone tights.

Post your tips what to wear with ankle boots!

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