Looking For White Hair Dye?

One of the newest trends in hair color right now is white hair dye.

White Hair DyeThe problem with this is that there really is not such things as white dye. In order to achieve a snow white hair dye color, you have to use quite a few products and put a little bit of effort into getting the results that you want. There is no one magical box of hair dye that is going to get this done for you, but rather a series of items that can get you the shocking results that you seek. White is in right now, so go for it if that is what you want to do. The best thing about white is that you can easily cover it up when you grow tired of it.

Instead of looking for white hair dye, look for something that is going to strip the color from your hair.

This is something that you can have done at a salon or you can do it yourself at home. Please understand what stripping does before you start. It lifts the cuticle of your hair and sucks the color out, leaving you with a pigment-less strand. The cuticle never lies back down like it should, results in damage. If you have damaged hair already, this process can cause it to break off and fall out. Start with healthy hair if you want to go white.

Stripping just once will probably not remove all of the pigment from your hair. You probably have to do it two or three times, depending on how dark your natural color may be. Take a few days in between each bleaching and do a heavy protein treatment to keep in the best shape possible. Your hair will eventually turn orange, yellow, and brassy. That means that you are almost there. The last bit is the hardest to remove, which is why simple white hair dye does not really exist.

True white hair dye will only work once you have stripped the hair down to nothing.

You can find a few brands, but do not think that they are going to make black hair white in one dye session. Some find that they have to use a purple rinse to get the rest of the brassiness out of their hair. Some people can process their hair over and over again without the results they seek.

If for any reason your hair starts to fall out, or if you know that your dark hair color is going to take a lot of work to get out, your best bet for getting the same results as a mythical white hair dye would be to go to a salon and tell them what you want to do. They can treat your hair with bleach, but they can also do all that they can to protect your hair in between treatments for the best results possible. They may even look at your hair and tell you if you should wait and do a few things before you even attempt it, unless you want to rock the bald look.

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